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What does success look like for you?
Are you willing to commit time every day to get there?

Helping you define and reach your own success


"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."

Dale Carnegie


We all aspire to be successful but what that success looks like is different for each of us. Despite this, there are certain skills that universally help you reach your version of success. With decades of experience of hiring, managing and coaching, the founders of Elevate saw sales skills help people progress towards their destination much quicker than those who lacked them.


Having seen the huge impact sales skills can have on quality of life, in and outside the workplace, we wanted to offer the tools to learn them to everyone who needs them.

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Why Sales?

While typically sales training is primarily offered to sales professionals, it can help anyone influence others and bring ideas to life. 


  • Looking for a job? You need to market/sell yourself as the best candidate.

  • Building a business? Sell the idea!

  • Dating? Find common ground and align on mutual interests and goals.

  • Asking for a promotion? Case studies, references and social proof.


Whether you’re in sales or not, the skills at a fundamental level are all about growth, influence, communication and reaching clearly defined goals.

"Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind."

Dale Carnegie

Sitting in an 8 hour workshop, only to use a minimal amount of what you learned is a waste of time for everyone involved. So is watching endless videos about things you never put into practice.


This is why our sessions aim to deliver targeted value that's immediately actionable and our content is short, to the point, always featuring an activity to practice what you've learned.

Growth Guidance

Stagnant growth?

No repeatable route to revenue?

Looking to break into a new market?

Whatever your growth goals are, we can come in, assess the situation and guide you to the blueprint of your own success.


Consumable Content

Only have a few minutes to take in a new idea or two? We’ve got you covered. Just watch a short video, look through the assets and then put your newly learned idea to the test in your next conversation.


What do people think?

"Lori Gross is a blessing to have as a mentor and has been the ultimate example of empowering other people. She's taught us all new ways to sell, opened doors to new opportunities, and inspired the women she works with to know they belong at the table. Thank you for empowering me every day, Lori!"
Sarah Plummer, Highspot

"Hiring Jon was actually our company's final Hail Mary and, believe it or not, paid for itself within 24 hours. He has proven to be our greatest asset in refining our brand message, closing contracts, and streamlining the client on-boarding process. My only regret in working with Jon is that we didn't start working with him from day 1."

Alex Poythress, Reveil

"Jon is an amazing font of value, insight and expertise when it comes to sales strategy. He provided such actionable feedback and value for me to incorporate [and] 24 hours later, I signed my biggest client to date."

Justin Grant, NorthScale

Get in Touch

Lori Gross

Lori brings over 20 years of experience in developing high-performing B2B sales strategies, processes, and teams. Using buyer-centric approaches to align seller and buyer behaviors for optimal outcomes,


Lori helps sales teams accelerate revenue growth, shorten sales cycles, create higher win rates, lower customer acquisition costs, and achieve better overall results.

Do you believe what you do today can change someone’s life forever? Do good. Start a ripple.


Jon Thor Sigurleifsson

Jon is a conversation expert who helps business people navigate important topics. He is a public speaker, sales coach, videographer, copywriter, and sales/marketing consultant.


He understands how important and rare the gift of crafting impactful stories really is. He brings creativity and theatrical flair to businesses large and small, ensuring their amazing stories are told and heard.

"Better question lead the way to better answers, better business and a better life."

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